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Employment and Labor Lawyer / Discrimination Attorney. Roger J Lucas can help you with your employment and labor issues, including employment discrimination litigation. Whether you are dealing a workplace injury occurring at the workplace, unemployment benefits, Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, or Hostile Work Environment claims, Mr. Lucas can help you through the process. Dealing with current or former employers who always seem to have the upper hand in the dispute is never easy. Colorado Springs Employment and Labor attorney Roger J Lucas can assist you with your litigation, from dealing with your company, the government agencies, insurance companies, and any other parties involved attempting to negotiate a fair settlement, all the way through trial if negotiations fail and you are left with no other choice. Call him today and let him help you through your unfortunate situation. Mr. Lucas assists clients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the Denver Metro areas including Boulder and Golden. Call Now.
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Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C.
The Law Offices of Franklin D. Azar & Associates takes pride in protecting the rights of injured or ill workers. Workers' Compensation is a right that all qualified employee's in Colorado are entitled to. Incurring an injury while at work is a traumatic experience, and can cause stress and financial burdons. Will your employer retaliat? How are you going to take care of yourself, or family financially when injured. We know how you feel. Compensation is what you deserve, and you deserve it in a timely fashion. Our workers' compensation attorneys will be your voice during this trying time.
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Torbet Tuft & McConkie
If you're in the midst of a legal matter, we're here to help! At Torbet Tuft & McConkie our Colorado Springs attorneys offer you over 100 years of combined legal experience. We strive to provide legal representation with the express goal of maximizing the possibility of achieving the best possible resolutions while minimizing risks. We provide competent legal advice in a broad spectrum of legal areas.
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Cornish & Dell'Olio, P.C.
Founded in 1982, the firm specializes in employment advice and litigation for both employees and employers. Our lawyers have extensive day-to-day experience litigating employment cases for individuals and employers in federal and state courts, and in various state and federal administrative agencies. Cases we have litigated span the full spectrum of employment law issues involving hiring, firing, hostile work environment, compensation, wage and hour, breach of employment contract, and non-compete agreements, based on legal issues such as tort law, contract law, federal civil rights (age, sex, race, disability, etc.), First Amendment, Fourth Amendment and due process of law.
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